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If you’re a high achiever, have enjoyed excellent grades in High School and/or University, have strong soft skills and are passionate about education, you may fit right in as a tutor to the extensive network that is Crimson Education. Crimson Education is currently looking for tutors, mentors, and consultants in all subject areas.

US College Application Mentoring:

You'd be working with students to A) support them in writing their US university application essays, including the Common App Essay, Coalition Essay, and/or all accompanying supplemental essays as needed; and B) to prepare them for college interviews if/when these opportunities arise.

We have an exercise you will complete that closely mirrors how the former will work.

PLEASE NOTE: For this local role, we are looking for candidates with language skills (ideally Russian - English bilingual) and/or candidates with significant ESL (English as a second language) teaching experience.


  • Reading/comprehending the Application Mentor Handbook and abiding by the departmental rules listed
  • Completing training within a two week period of being onboarded to the Litmos Online platform
  • Providing Application Mentoring to students as assigned by Crimson HQ
  • Brainstorming and editing the student’s personal statements for all applications (to the Common App, to the University of California system, etc.)
  • Supporting the completion and submission of all such applications above, including all details on extracurricular activities, personal awards, and any other relevant sections
  • Brainstorming and editing all written work/supplementary essays that accompanies the larger applications enumerated above to ensure that they have completed all components of the college application to the universities assigned to you for each student
  • Preparing students for interviews
  • Regular communication and updates to Strategists. The quality of your work will be evaluated by the strategist team, as well as scheduled Mentor check-ins with US Admin.
  • Proper information input and maintenance of the Crimson App, including all components of the student’s page – specifically updating the Roadmap in line with application dates and progress
  • Filling out session reports in the Crimson App after every student session


You are a current student or graduate of a top 25 undergraduate program in the US, a professional writer, or a professional educator. PLEASE NOTE: For this local role, we are looking for candidates with language skills (ideally Russian - English bilingual) and/or candidates with significant ESL (English as a second language) teaching experience.

You are an Excellent Communicator:
This job requires the capacity to communicate with students and Crimson employees with clarity, professionalism, and kindness. You will be expected to be responsive to all communications within 24 hours, including on weekends, and you will be compensated for these additional hours.

You are Organized:

This position requires organization and keeping track of the essay drafts and case details of 8-9 students. Competency in the Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail) is strongly encouraged.

You are Adaptable:
The heart of our program is the extremely hands-on support we provide to our students; the nature of this work requires that you are very comfortable with managing unexpected situations. You must be the type of person who thrives in dynamic environments that call for flexibility and collaborative proactivity.

You Have Excellent Essay Editing Skills:
The most important task of this job is mentoring students in their essay writing. We look for mentors who have:

  • A strong command of grammar, syntax, narrative, style, and flow.
  • A strong and deep understanding of what admissions committees look for.
  • The capacity to help students reflect and glean insights from experiences.
  • The capacity to ask insightful and helpful questions.
  • The capacity to scaffold and teach a process of reflection, brainstorming, writing, and revising clearly, professionally and kindly.