What this role is responsible for:

  • Helping Crimson improve and grow its tutoring program (of 2,000+ students and 600+ tutors) into the next stage of growth
  • Developing a world-class product that helps students across the world efficiently and effectively improve their academic performance
  • Working closely with Crimson’s Customer Success team and academic staff to ensure a consistent service delivery
  • Training the sales and marketing team on feeding this product to 20+ markets around the globe to help Crimson achieve its revenue and profit goals
  • Regularly modeling, monitoring, and reporting on the impact and status of internal projects as well as the vital signs of the product as it develops
  • Leading and growing an international team to accomplish all the goals listed above, while creating an attractive work environment to recruit further talent as needed
  • Other tasks as needed by Service leadership team

How you’ll know you’re crushing it:

High student satisfaction and quality outcomes, driven by:

  • Consistent student outcomes (e.g., achievement of target grades)
  • High student session ratings
  • Low tutor reallocation rates
  • High student referral rates
  • High tutor NPS and retention rates

Effective business growth for this product, measured by:

  • Revenue growth
  • Maintaining margins
  • The creation of new spinoff products as needed to meet market needs
  • Organizational and team alignment around all key objectives based on high-quality communication and project management

What skills and experience you’ll need:

  • Analytically sound judgment to make big-picture decisions affecting hundreds of tutors and students off of a mix of quantitative and qualitative inputs
  • An open-minded and thoughtful approach to product regionalization to help ensure the service works with students in every market
  • Excellent communication and organizational abilities to process various workflows
  • High learning adaptability to pick up all the skills needed and work with a team spread globally
  • Advanced interpersonal skills to problem solve in high-pressure and high-stress situations
  • Familiarity with digital marketing channels and insights into the ways to effectively market an online tutoring business
  • High-quality project management skills to ensure balanced execution of long-term strategic initiatives and consistent achievement of quality control KPIs