Crimson is looking for skilled programmers with a passion for teaching and mentorship!

US Extracurricular and Leadership Mentoring (Computer Science):

As an Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentor, you'd be working with students to A) help them expand their extracurricular profile, by means of pursuing leadership roles, exploring opportunities outside of school, and considering activities in a range of different interest areas; and B) to develop and execute a bespoke leadership project that demonstrates their interests, ingenuity, and initiative. Your students' leadership projects will involve fields similar to those which you have studied. As an increasing number of our students have shown interest in programming related projects, Crimson is hoping to bring on a number of skilled programmers with a passion for education and mentorship.

Qualities of an ideal Comp Sci ECL mentor include:

  • Current undergrad or graduate from a top US university (graduates preferred)
  • Extensive course work and extracurricular involvement in computer science and programming related fields
  • Proficiency in multiple coding languages
  • Passion for education and teaching — ideally you'd have experience mentoring or guiding younger students
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Fantastic written and verbal communication skills

Service Expectations:

As a provider of the standard ECL Service, you will be expected to provide students with guidance and support as it relates to their extracurricular profiles and leadership projects. Core responsibilities include:

  • Helping students research and pursue extracurricular activities relevant to their interests
  • Assisting students to develop and submit a Leadership Project Proposal, Pitch Video, and Completion Form
  • Developing a project management plan for your students leadership project and conducting weekly to biweekly sessions to aid the student in its execution
  • Liaising with the ECL Admin team and the student Strategist to ensure that the student's ECL program is on track and their experience is satisfactory


The starting rate for standard ECL mentorship sits at about $30/USD per student facing hour. This means that you will be paid for the session time you spend with your students. Please note that a standard, one hour session will also include, approximately:

  • 15 minutes of preparation time,
  • 10 minutes filling out a session summary, and
  • a potential 15 minutes of follow up or research on behalf of your student