We’re a company of game-changers.

We strive to help our students envision the best version of themselves and level up. We’re obsessed with our students’ outcomes and measure success against the impossible, and we only play to win.

Come join us as we continue to forge a pathway for our students, joining our network of more than 1,500 tutors and mentors from around the world! With an HQ in Auckland, New Zealand, and offices in more than 24 locations around the world - there’s something for everyone.

We encourage you to find out more about us and explore the ideal tutoring, mentoring, or consulting opportunity for you.

If you’re a high achiever, have enjoyed excellent grades in High School and/or University, have strong soft skills, and are passionate about education, you may fit right in as a tutor to the extensive network that is Crimson Education. Crimson Education is currently looking for tutors, mentors, and consultants in all subject areas.

These roles are part-time and hourly and can be done remotely working with students based around the world.


  • Working closely with a variety of students based across the world - including the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe.
  • Conducting formal tutoring sessions with students on a frequent ongoing basis.
  • Providing subject-specific expertise to students within your tutoring portfolio.
  • Creating and delivering comprehensive lesson plans that tackle students’ needs - we will be providing some training on this!
  • Maintaining reasonable levels of e-mail communication with students outside of formal sessions


  • You’ve got excellent High School and University grades
  • You’re passionate about education and enjoy teaching - ideally you’ve even got some experience tutoring students already!
  • You have 5 hours per week to commit to tutoring.
  • You’re detail-oriented with strong planning and organizational skills
  • You’ve got fantastic verbal and written communication skills

Academic Tutoring: Our Academic department involves Curriculum Tutoring. Feel free to follow the links for more info.


  • Using curriculum knowledge to deliver high-quality academic tutoring to Crimson students in a particular subject
  • Preparing students for upcoming examinations and strengthening base concepts in order to improve performance

What We're Looking For: You scored in the 95th percentile or above in the subject(s) or test(s) you wish to tutor in.