Academic Tutoring refers to Standardized Test Tutoring and Curriculum Tutoring. Subjects include GMAT, SAT, ACT, IB, Intro CS, AP, CIE, TOEFL, and others. Feel free to follow the links for more info. These roles are part-time, can be done remotely working with students based around the world.


  • Working closely with a variety of students based across the world - including the US, Asia, Australia and Europe.
  • Using curriculum knowledge to deliver high quality academic tutoring to Crimson students in a particular subject
  • Preparing students for upcoming examinations and strengthen base concepts in order to improve performance
  • Creating and delivering comprehensive lesson plans that tackle students’ needs - we will be providing some training on this!
  • Maintaining reasonable levels of e-mail communication with students outside of formal sessions


  • You’ve got excellent High School and University grades
  • You have experience in tutoring for either graduate or undergraduate level exams, or in tutoring academic curricula (e.g. IB)
  • You have scored in at least the 95th percentile for a given exam
  • You’re detail oriented with strong planning and organizational skills
  • You’ve got fantastic verbal and written communication skills


The starting rate for Academic Tutoring sits at about $30/USD per student facing hour. This means that you will be paid for the session time you spend with your students. Please note that a standard, one hour session will also include, approximately:

  • 15 minutes of preparation time (a lesson plan)
  • 5 minutes of wrap up time (post-session notes)